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PARMA - 00605 1:24 Flexi-5 (F5) 4" WB Chassis

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 The Flexi-5 3 piece stainless steel chassis is super strong, the most forgiving and works on the widest variety of tracks. It has excellent handling on flat or banked tracks. Features an independent 2 piece top pan held together by chassis hinge. Also has deep drawn guide tongue for low and adjustable ride height with built-in front wheel protection. This chassis kit also includes 3/32" and 1/8" Rear Adjusta-Bushings for maximun adjustability. You will also need a Flexi Motor Bracket #595C to add a 16D motor (Motor can be soldered to chassis if desired or if allowed by the rules of your track). Our F5 Ready To Run cars include this piece, but is not included with this chassis kit.

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